Why Impact Sessions Are Beneficial For Development

Why Impact Sessions Are Beneficial For Development
September 15, 2017 Admin Awbery

Are short, impacting development sessions more beneficial to leaders than longer, more traditional day courses covering multiple topics?

It’s no secret that the ability to maintain a high level of concentration and absorb new ideas can be a challenge, especially when the learning is added into an already busy schedule. Having a full mind before beginning to add in new knowledge can cause a feeling of overwhelming ‘blankness’. With this in mind, perhaps we need to be a little creative with our offering of learning solutions?

Evidence from sleep researcher Nathanial Kleitman shows that, like the human sleep pattern, throughout the day the brain has 90 – 120 minute cycles of alertness, which is why we are often encouraged to take short breaks to retain information, and adapt shorter, bite-sized development sessions to work within our natural energy levels.  Having thought about this, Awbery’s IMPACT courses have been designed to offer an alternative solution for busy leaders and managers who may benefit from short, sharp bursts of new thinking, rather than longer more intensive development solutions.

As well as responding to the current landscape which shows overloaded leaders in a faster paced, uncertain economic climate, the IMPACT series is cost-effective, enabling up to thirty leaders to be trained in one day, in two groups of fifteen each attending a three hour workshop. With three hours, three messages and three tools, leaders are equipped to deal with practical issues faced daily, in a range of topics. The programme designers pick only the best models and exercises to achieve the maximum benefit in the three hours.

Time to think as a leader is limited and time to develop as a leader is a rarity. Mary Sisson, Awbery Business Development Director adds: “Logistically, getting thirty managers to be free for three hours of development is much easier than three days, so the courses get planned and executed much quicker than our standard length courses. Awbery will tailor your IMPACT series to your Company need, vision and values.” Previous course topics include: Having the Difficult Conversation, The Leader as Coach, Emotional Resilience and The Emotionally Intelligent Leader.

Are your leaders better at learning on the job? Then IMPACT is for you – choose from a selection of short courses to create a modular programme over a period of time for your staff. This enables leaders to transfer learning back to the workplace immediately the same day, and allow it to become habit before the next course. The result? Increased learning retention and return on investment.

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