Top Tips – Wellbeing in the Workplace

Top Tips – Wellbeing in the Workplace
July 5, 2017 awbfus17ery4

Following our recent blog “Wellbeing in the workplace – Who’s responsible? Line Managers or HR?” – the Awbery team have devised some great tips that can be implemented easily to encourage wellbeing in the workplace and that will help to increase productivity and motivation levels among staff. In a recent survey, more than a third of employees (36%) state that their emotional and physical health and wellbeing is most important to them at work. This is why many of our leadership and development courses focus around wellbeing of the mind and body as a priority for great leaders.

Top Tips

  • Hydration. This one may seem obvious, but the benefits of staying hydrated are significant to cognitive function and energy levels. Educating your teams on the importance of hydration throughout the day and providing them with water bottles or installing water fountains, can help productivity levels improve.
  • Exercise and fitness play a key part, not just in the physiological wellbeing of employees, but mentally too. Encouraging healthy lifestyles within benefits, such as subsidised gym memberships and cycle to work schemes, is a great return on investment. Encouraging walking groups or fitness classes with your team at lunch time one day a week can also act as a great team-building activity.
  • Value employees. Celebrate, encourage and share employee successes with the whole team. A valuable activity is for employees and managers to write on a post-it a success of another and put it in a jar to be read out at team meetings at the end of the month.
  •  Team building activities have been shown to increase morale and working relationships.  Away-days or meals out are great ways of getting the team together and sharing learning and experiences.
  •  If the weather is nice and there is a green space near the office, then why not enjoy an outdoor meeting where the team can get some fresh air. It might even inspire fresh ideas.
  • Where possible, allow employees to have flexible working hours to suit their lives outside of work.  Allowing an employee to start and finish 15 minutes earlier might not seem like a big difference, but it could mean them not missing out on other commitments, such as hobbies or family life.
  • Implement a ‘no overtime’ rule. Encourage employees to leave at a reasonable hour and to not have access to their emails outside of work. This will allow them to recuperate and in turn be more productive and motivated whilst at work.
  •  Inspire. Emailing quotes of the week or posting them on a Company intranet/notice board about positivity, wellbeing and motivation can be a great mood boost to all.
  • Ensure proper breaks are taken away from the work station.  Taking a short walk or at least not working whilst eating lunch can help to increase productivity in the afternoon.
  • Healthy Eating is an underestimated focus for wellbeing. Filling the vending machine with healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables and nuts instead of the usual sugar laden snacks, or having an office fruit bowl, will stop the 3pm lull.  As blood sugar levels stay constant so will work flow.

Our top tips for wellbeing in the workplace are easy to implement and could have a real impact on the working relationships and productivity levels within the team. At Awbery, we believe that in order to effectively embed a wellbeing culture within an organisation, it needs to be championed from the top and leaders should most definitely be ‘practising what they preach.’ Role-modelling personal wellbeing inspires other members of your team to do the same.

If you need some help developing and implementing your wellbeing strategy Awbery can help. Our recent research into the way to protect your top talent from burning out has inspired a series of solutions which are being implemented in many of our corporate client organisations. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss further.