Stop! Before you fall over

Stop! Before you fall over
August 11, 2017 awbfus17ery4

Awbery’s Business Development Director, Mary Sisson’s recent session at the East Midlands PM Forum focused on increasing Leaders’ resilience and wellbeing. Her presentation sparked a discussion on how a business can be better equipped for effective operation in a VUCA environment. Mary looked at unprepared leadership vs prepared and proactive leadership, and the impact it had on the business and the employees’ welfare.

Within the current political and economic climate, more and more business are experiencing a VUCA climate.

  • Volatile: Change, rapid, large-scale
  • Uncertain: Unpredictable future
  • Complex: Challenges are complicated with few single causes or solutions
  • Ambiguous: Little clarity on what events mean and what effect they may have

Mary explained the risk to a business of having unprepared leaders, potentially failing to recognise the core skills that they and their teams require to thrive in the current climate. Core skills such as, resilience, planning, robust and agile strategy implementation will enable leaders and teams the “copability” to withstand the disruption of the external forces on their business and employees.

Mary affirmed that resilience is a major part of maintaining a strong position in the market place. According to Hasul et al in their piece on The Continuum Resilience Model “The Business Athlete” (2009) there are four clear attributes to resilient performance:

  • Cognition – The ability to manage perspectives and sustain focus
  • Personality – Understanding perceptions and identifying faults
  • Emotion – Ability to remain positive and deal with conflict
  • Physiology – Managing energy through health and fitness and increased ability to deal with pressure

The positive impact of increasing resilience and therefore wellbeing can be substantial on both business effectiveness and company culture. This can include increased performance and morale, and a better cultural environment across companies as a whole. In response to the current business need recognised by Awbery we have designed an introductory Webinar on how to build resilience.

What you can expect to gain:

  • Increased knowledge to “bounce back” or “roll with the punches”
  • Equipped to deal with perceived adverse situations in a positive and creative way
  • To transform challenges into an opportunity and keep growing
  • To absorb any learning offered by setbacks quickly and at the minimum physical and mental cost

Join Mary on Monday 4th September at 2pm for a short 20 minute “Impact” webinar to help you build resilience and in turn increase Leadership and Team wellbeing. Sign up