Client Case Study

Snapfulfil delivers class-leading warehouse management solutions to customers in a range of industries including B2C and B2B retail, third party logistics, manufacturing, food and beverage and electronics and electrical. Awbery designed a short IMPACT webinar delivered by Mary Sisson to Snapfulfil employees in the UK and overseas. The webinar covered topics such as stress management, time management and sleep quality to ensure work life balance is met, to in turn increase performance at work.


To educate the team of the key benefits of wellbeing and stress management within work and home life.

To provide the participants with key takeaways to equip them with skills and knowledge to manage their own stresses on a day-to-day basis.

and ‘Own It’.


The 90 minute webinar was designed to inform and influence participants with real life scenarios in a time efficient way.

Key themes within the webinar included:

  • Quality Sleep
  • Sufficient Hydration
  • Regular Exercise
  • Going offline


“I thought the wellness course was great. Having the live, interactive session was very worthwhile and there was a lot of participation from everyone involved – so I feel as though everyone will have the same mindset.  Mary ran the session very well and provided some really useful insights.”

“The course was very enjoyable. I learned some key factors.

  • Some circumstances are out of your control, no matter how prepared you are for it.
  • Getting enough sleep, 8 hours, is important to your health.
  • Drinking plenty of water (or drink tea and coffee as this does count).
  • Turn the mobile off, relax when you get home.
  • Move away from the desk, e.g. go out at lunchtime.

Mary, the Presenter, puts you at ease, she has a very calming voice.”