Client Case Study

Saint-Gobain, a world leader in Construction Products, operating in 64 countries and with 170,000 employees globally,  places the development, health and wellbeing of its people at the core of its values. 

Fit 2 Lead has been built through collaboration between Saint-Gobain in the UK and Awbery, using leading edge research findings, highlighting three major capabilities that are required by high performing leaders to cope with the dynamic business landscape:  resilience, collaboration and agility of mind, body and leadership style.


The objective for Saint-Gobain was to proactively develop wellbeing and resilience within its leadership population, in order to optimise and sustain performance over the longer term.  Awbery worked with Saint-Gobain to develop a bespoke Fit 2 Lead programme, to underpin Saint-Gobain’s health and wellbeing programme Fit4work/Fit4Life, launched in 2013 with AXA PPP Healthcare.


Addressing three key areas: Mind, Body and Leadership, Fit 2 Lead is an innovative, exciting, supportive blended programme that enables leaders to adopt and sustain behaviours that reduce health risk, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, and in turn, benefit employee engagement and performance.

The programme was embedded into the cohort’s daily lives as a blended learning journey, maximising their engagement with the topic and their opportunity to transfer their learning back to their roles and with their teams.

Participants began their learning journey with a thorough understanding of their own health and fitness numbers and the risk areas identified by their people in the business.  They then accessed material through their learning pathway at regular intervals each week according to their own schedules and participated in experiential workshops with input from experts on the topics of health, fitness, hydration, diet, nutrition, sleep and mental health.  Learners were prompted and encouraged by programme facilitators and personal trainers to begin and maintain significant lifestyle changes for them and their teams, whilst being supported and challenged by their ‘Fit Buddies’.ies’.


There was an improvement in wellbeing scores (as measured by both the individuals themselves and those they work with),  and in the health and fitness of participants from the pre and post assessments, together with significant anecdotal evidence relating to the benefits seen and experienced by those working in their teams.

Mark Rayfield, CEO of Building Distribution in Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland said …

“My objective for Fit 2 Lead was to provide our senior managers with tools to help them manage the stress and pace of business without damaging their health or family life.  The key business impacts so far – attendees are eating better, exercising, and sleeping better, and in turn, are better at work.  As an individual and as a leader, I have seen huge value from the application of the programmes tools on mindfulness, sleep and nutrition and my experience has enhanced my core beliefs.”