Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust:
A Tale of Recruitment Problems in Ten-Tree-Wood

Motivation? Easy. Leadership? No problem. Performance management? Simple.

All of these statements are true if – and only if – you have the right people. That’s the really hard bit: choosing the right people.

A chief executive’s dream is to have scientific help when choosing key people and Pixie Dust I is that help – a book written as a fable from the heart. The fable starts when all is well in a community; then, a recruitment exercise ends in the not-unfamiliar ‘appointment from hell’. The fable concludes with that fabulous feeling when a selection panel gets it right – that almost spiritual satisfaction when managers come together and it works. The problems encountered when selecting a senior manager are herein set in a woodland community.

However, Pixie Dust is far from being a fairy story. It is a vehicle to convey cutting-edge management practices which come from the most up-to-date management research at doctoral level. Pixie Dust is a critical look at the outmoded management selection practices of today and an explanation of what could be achieved by the application of a high-performing management model. Pixie Dust will make you think and change the way you select managers for ever. The book will take about an hour to read and a lifetime to be grateful.

Pixie Dust

A Tale of Recruitment Problems in Ten-Tree-Wood – £9.99