Pixie Dust III

Pixie Dust III:
A Tale of Effective Management Networking

What can we achieve on our own as managers? Imagine playing football alone against 11 opponents. Not much of a game. Now put in place players to pass to, the links between the players, a series of set moves and you have the makings of a networking team.

Nurture these networks and very quickly a manager can establish an awesome set of allies in today’s competitive world!

Pixie Dust III is a tale of how to develop effective management networks in today’s business world. It is, in part, the experiences of 30 years of management networking by the author Dr Howard G. Awbery and the result of recent doctoral research by Dr Geoff Mackey, which demonstrates that networking can multiply managers’ effectiveness in a world where only the connected succeed.

Pixie Dust

A Tale of Effective Management Networking – £9.99