Pixie Dust II

Pixie Dust II:
A Tale of Leading Change

Pixie Dust II is a tale of performance management and change in the woodland community of Ten-Tree-Wood. It is a series of stories all about leading change, which the author has experienced during his career and learned painful and salutary lessons.

They include the very valued individual, who is facing self-imposed burn out – a more common problem than many of us care to admit. There is a story about a group who decide to challenge the establishment. Another story considers real performance contribution and how change should be introduced when it is discovered that we are doing the wrong things really well.

Sound familar? Finally, there is a story of how we communicate change. Do we do what we have always done or is it time to communicate through our organisation’s invisible culture; and before you say anything, you will have one! The stories are supported by doctoral research from Dr Andy Bibby, the leading expert in leading organisational change. Pixie Dust II is a series of practical management solutions to leading change.

Pixie Dust II

A Tale of Leading Change – £9.99