Our Books

An Hour to Read… A Lifetime to be Grateful

Written by our Managing Director, Dr Howard G. Awbery, The Pixie Dust series of books are quick to read, easy to understand management tales to help with leading, managing and communicating change.

The books have inspired our Pixie Dust events which continue to be a great success amongst attendees – with many reading the tales following their first venture in to Ten-Tree-Wood.

The books are available here via PayPal or from Amazon, or alternatively contact us to organise a signed copy.

Pixie Dust

A Tale of Recruitment Problems in Ten-Tree-Wood – £9.99

Pixie Dust II

A Tale of Leading Change – £9.99

Pixie Dust III

A Tale of Effective Management Networking – £9.99

Pixie Dust IV

A Tale of Transforming Low Performing Managers in to High Performing Leaders – £9.99

Pixie Dust V

Pixie Dust V is quick to read and easy to understand and will equip you with the essential knowledge to help avoid burnout – £9.99