Our Approach

Step 1:
Understanding Your Needs

We take time to understand your needs and expectations, establish objectives, confirm skill gaps and understand your organisational strategy. We will discuss with you who you believe needs developing and the level they lead at in your organisation. We explore optional accreditation if you require external recognition for the solution provided or we can develop internal certification, if more appropriate.

Step 2:
Working with You to be a Part of Your Team

It is important to Awbery that we develop a relationship with you, enabling us to work closely as your Strategic Partner for leadership and management development, HR and coaching solutions. This enables us to tailor your solution and ensure ongoing open and effective communication, working with you as part of your team.

Step 3:
Return on Investment

Establishing a method for return on investment is imperative to demonstrate the tangible results from your leadership and management development, HR and coaching solutions. We have researched return on investment at Doctoral level and are able to bring you cutting edge ideas to help you establish the required outcomes of each tailored solution.

“My experience with Awbery is that they are supportive, knowledgeable and passionate about learning & organisational development.”

Brenda Daisy – Head of Learning and Organisational Development at Peabody Housing Group